International Triennial of Ex-libris and Small Format Print Graphics

World Culture Heritage

August 2021

Organizers: The International art center “Glavny Prospect”, the Sverdlovsk Department of the Union of Artists of Russia
Place and time: Due to the coronavirus infection, the Exhibition will be held in August 2021 — not in October-November 2020, as previously announced. The exact dates of the exhibition will be announced later.


Theme: World Culture Heritage. The notion of the world culture heritage includes world literary classics, epos of the peoples of the world, classical architecture, sculpture, and other artworks (ancient frescos, icons, etc.).



1st prize — Alexander Lytkin (Russia)

2nd prize — Irina Kozub (Russia)

3rd prize — Natalija Cernecova (Latvia)

Small format print graphics:

1st prize — Hayk Grigoryan (Armenia)

2nd prize — Olga Samosyuk (Russia)

3rd prize — Denis Lotarev (Russia)

Special prize «For contribution to world engraving» — Mikhail Verholantsev (Russia)


The special committee shall judge the submitted artworks at the selection round.
The international independent committee shall select the artworks to be awarded.
The artworks selected for the expositions of both contests shall be accepted into the collection of the Ekaterinburg Museum of Fine Arts and into the collection The International art center “Glavny Prospect”. The contest participants’ certificates shall keep the information of the collection, into which the artwork shall be accepted.

Only artworks made in traditional classical print techniques, such as xylography, linocut, lithography, etching, aquatint, mezzo-tint, dry point, engraving on metal or plastics, shall be accepted for the contests. Monotypes, works made on copiers, photographs, and digital graphics shall not be considered.

The artworks must be created not earlier than 2017 and they must be the author’s property. The Triennial general program includes two categories as two independent contests – the ex-libris contest and small format print graphics contest (the image should not exceed 30×30 cm).


1. Ex-libris.

To enter this contest the author should submit 2 works (2 print copies of each). Awards:
1 place — €1200
2 place — €800
3 place — €600
10 Diplomas for prize nominees.
Certificates of the International contest participants.

2. Small format print graphics (the image should not exceed 30×30 cm). To enter this contest the author should submit 2 works (1 print copy of each).

1 place — €1200
2 place — €800
3 place — €600
10 Diplomas for prize nominees.
Certificates of the International contest participants.

In both categories, a selection round shall be held.

To enter the selection round, it will be necessary No later than June 30, 2020 to post high quality pictures (high resolution scans if possible) of the artworks and contest participant’s card (download file), e-mail: or fill out a form on the website (see below), be sure to accompany each uploaded work with the following information: last Name, author’s name, title of the work, year of creation, technique, sheet size (width*height), image size.

The selection round results shall be published on the site: and the authors shall be informed of them.

The authors, having received a message of a positive result, should send their artworks for the contest no later than September 15, 2020 – the postmark deadline. The artworks should be safely packed. The artworks must have traditional information under the image made in neat handwriting: the author’s signature, title, date, print number, and techniques. The artworks without this information shall not be accepted for the contest.

The sent artworks must be supplied with the contest participant’s card filled in neat handwriting. The contest participants shall receive a catalog.

The address, the artworks should be sent to: The Triennial organizers’ committee The International art center “Glavny Prospect” 8 Lenin Avenue, Ekaterinburg, 620014, Russia.

Hotel reservation shall be possible according to the participants’ requests that should be received by the organizers before September 15, 2020.
The contest participants’ and guests’ arrival and stay at a hotel will be at their expense.